Updating compact framework

While it is easy enough to write feature detection tests with ad-hoc Java Script expressions, the has() pattern defines a specific syntax such that the build system can detect these feature-based branches, and one can create application builds that are highly optimized for specific devices, with known feature shims factored out.

It allows you to script schema and data and much, much more Latest source, command line release and issues are now on Github!Presenting statistical data in a readable, eye-catching manner is important, but it can also be difficult.The dojox/charting system was created to alleviate those pains by allowing developers to create dynamic, unique, and functional charts from varying sets of data.From there, you'll learn how to bind specific arguments to a function using lang.partial, and how lang.hitch can combine the two operations.JSON with Padding (JSONP) has become a common technique for accessing cross-domain resources from the browser.

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